TEN noun \ˈten\


TEN is a woman-driven artistic collective supporting one another on current and future projects.

We are a platform for ideas and growth.

We are TEN.


Mary-Noelle Dana

Alice Dison

Lucy Dixon

Inka Ernst

Raina Lampkins-Fielder

Delphine Godin

Romilly Walton Masters

Cadine Navarro

Carmela Salzano

Carmela Uranga


TEN is a woman-driven artistic collective living across Paris and let’s just say that our paths have crossed at just the right time. The creative worlds we inhabit - whether it be in photography, film-making, installation, painting, dance, design, writing, music – are changing at the speed of light and challenge us to work harder, do better, be at the top of our game. And while there are endless possibilities out there, here at TEN we understand that we shouldn’t go for it alone. We will always need a connection to others.

From the security of TEN, we have a platform to listen, to bounce ideas around, to be ourselves and to tell a full story. We are harnessing our individual resources to support each other’s growth: branching out but staying connected.

Hopefully, this blog is crossing your path at the right time. Come in, take a look around, leave us your suggestions and begin your own journey with TEN.

Alice Dison




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