One Straw Revolution

"Plant seeds - perhaps the most valuable and precious materials to be found on planet earth - have since entered Navarro's engaged art practice."
Roel Arkesteijn, 2017

My current and on-going project takes its title from Masanobu Fukuoka’s book, “One Straw Revolution” which has been an inspiration to natural farming and permaculture design world-wide. Here, a space marked out by four and a half tatami mats, becomes a place where people can sit, read and meet. During the exhibition several ‘seedball’ workshops take place, where participants can learn how to make these simple balls which can be sowed in any open soil area. I ask that documentation be made of the seeds’ growth so that a real connection and understand of the seed can be established. The project also includes paper-making using recycled papers and books, and within the paper fibers I include organic and local seeds. Each page is a platform for on-going projects:  they provide the opportunity for a drawing, a short story or poem, an instruction, an email, a conversation, a map.. and each page acts as a kind of crop-trust or time-capsule as it is plantable and able to regenerate. The pages can be a part of a publication or magazine project and sent internationally.